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    Propagation and its symmetry of reaction-diffusion systems



    主讲人:梁兴  中国科学技术大学教授




    地点:腾讯会议 159 356 258




    内容介绍:When the propagation phenomena of reaction-diffusion models is considered, we  always face to two questions: Can the propagation happen in every direction?  Which direction is the propagation the fastest in? In this talk, we will  introduce some results on these two questions for 1-D Fisher-KPP type  reaction-diffusion-advection equations (a work of L. and T. Zhou), 1-D bistable  reaction-diffusion equations (a work of W.Ding and T. Gillete) and a strongly  competitive model with diffusion( a work of L. And W.Ding).  

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